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There's not just trophy in the game world
Written by MetalHead84 on 2014-12-23 09:39:28

As the title say, there's not just trophy for a reason to game. Sure with a playstation or an xbox, that's an incitive to get the most out of a game, mostly when you aim for a platinum or 1000gs.
Since a couple of months I was looking to buy a Wii U, but wasn't able to decide if it was worth it or no. Last weekend I decide to buy it, and so far I really like it even if there no trophy/achievement.
It's really fun to sit in familly and play some relax game, instead of mostly focusing on achieving everything in a game.
I'm also trying to get my 4 years old son to play, and he seems to like the Gamepag a lot.
I will still hunt for trophy on the PS4/Ps3, but perhaps a little bit more as we have this new console.
Feel free to add me to your Nintendo Network, MetalHead1784.

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