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Some boardgame news
Written by MetalHead84 on 2015-06-04 16:19:16

Since I don't play videogames that much since a couple of months, I thought it will be great to add a boardgame news in the blog.
Every 2 months there is a boardgame night at our local store, and the last one (this past saturday) there was a tournament of Pandemic Survival.
There was 12 teams playing, and the winner will be going to the National tournament at the next Comicon in Montreal.
It didn't start really well for me and my girlfriend, so much of the game we were behind and it stayed like that for much of the game. We have finish in 8th place, but it was really fun to participate in the tournament and I hope there will be more.

Also, I'm looking to do a game night at our place every 2 months (the month that there's nothing at the local store) with some friends and co-worker, this way we will be able to play more often with our boardgame.

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