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Twitch streaming
Written by MetalHead84 on 2015-08-19 15:31:25

I recently start to stream on Twitch, and will shortly add a section about this on the page.
For a while I will stream Dying Light, Ironclad Tactics and some other game when I feel like playing something else.
Since my girlfriend is not working yet (parental leave), I don't turn on my mic, but most of the time I have my laptop near me, so if you ask me questions, I will answer on the chat. Next month I should have my mic on, but be advise that I have a big accent, being a french guy.
I'm usually streaming from 9h30PM to 11h00PM during week days, and a little bit later during weekend.
If you want to follow me, here's the link : Twitch - MetalHead1784
I don't have a lot of upload speed (1 mbps), and I'm currently testing it, so if you see something wrong, just let me know

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