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New year, new goals
Written by MetalHead84 on 2016-01-04 13:08:12

So 2015 is behind us, I hope I will play more in 2016.
Boardgames side it was decent, but for videogames I had a slow start, with only 20 trophies at the half of the year. I manage to cross 200 trophies thank to a lot of new game at the end of the summer.

Now here's some goal for 2016 :
Trophies : to have 300 trophies, which will bring my total to 2101. I have some unplayed game (The Last Of Us, the collection of Uncharted that I have received for christmas), also some upcoming game, so I'm confident that I will achieve it.
For boardgames, I want to reach 300 plays, right now I'm at 230, I also got a couple of new boardgames, and I have more friends that want to play, so that will help.

Happy gaming in 2016!

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